Romulan Ale label

For this unique and fun project, I was tasked with creating a vintage beer label.

I decided to think outside the box and create a vintage label born out of my love of Star Trek.

I chose conventional design elements and type treatment that immediately said “vintage,” while also sending the Romulan bird of prey emblem back in time to the 1800’s.
For colors I chose a royal blue to breathe a Romulan blue ale vibe into the design. I experimented with the typical Romulan green, but I felt it wouldn’t work with the blue color of the ale.
I chose gold to speak value and vintage, and to compliment the blue. On the finished label, I envision a glimmering metallic gold.

As an homage to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, in which Dr. McCoy gifts Admiral Kirk with a bottle of vintage 2283 Romulan Ale, I chose my label to the be of the same year. My hope is that die-hard Trek fans got the reference.

This is a copyrighted work I created in 2011.

-J. Mitch Coppoletti