Miyazaki’s Catbus promotions

The assignment was to create promotions for an event. This one was fun to do because the instructor gave us freedom to choose the subject, and since I love studio Ghibli films, I chose the Catbus exhibit at the Studio Ghibli children’s museum in Tokyo.

Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of Studio Ghibli, bases the entire museum on his films, and The View from the Catbus is an exhibit about a magical bus from the cartoon My Friend Totoro.

This was a perfect subject for the assignment because since the exhibit was real, I was able to use images from inside the museum and write-ups about the museum and exhibit written by Hayao Miyazaki himself. This gave the promotions an authentic and believable tone and feel, which really made it feel like they were the real promotions for the exhibit.

I had fun with the layout and typography, giving a type treatment that mirrored the aesthetic feel of the Catbus, and body copy that was simple and readable.