Bioshock Collage

This was another assignment that I had fun with: we had to create a poster advertising a vacation resort or special tourist location, fictional or non-fictional.

The requirements were to use at least three images and mesh them together in a photo collage that visually makes sense.

At the time, I was playing Bioshock, and was in love with the game’s fantastical underwater city, Rapture. The only connection to the surface world is a lone lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, which connects to the city via a diving bell. To communicate both the isolation of the player in the game, and a visual connection between the surface and Rapture, I illustrated the bell with a soft yellow glow. Illuminating a lone squid hints at the hidden dangers of the dark depths of the ocean.

To match the lighthouse with the surface background image, several additional adjustment layers had to be used. Rapture also needed many adjustments to create a more alive feel, mostly adjusting the light rays. I’m still not fully satisfied with the results, because there were very few usable images of the lighthouse, but I received an A for the assignment, so I did have success in a way.