Skyrim Smoke Manipulation

The assignment in Digital Imaging class was to use a custom smoke brush library to create a design integrated into an existing image.

I was playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at the time, and I was inspired by the teaser image of the main character, The Dovakiin, with swirling smoke around him. I found a similar image of a statue of Talos, a fictional deity from the game, battling a dragon, which was perfect for my project. One main themes in the game is dragons and their souls, so I thought a perfect utilization of the image would be using the smoke brush to create swirling tendrils of smoke ending in a ethereal dragon facing the statue, representing a dragon soul.

Finding proper brush patterns for creating the smoke stream was relatively easy, but creating the dragon took several tries. I had gone through about five¬†body and even more head designs until I landed upon the current dragon design. There are still things I wish could be better about the dragon, but considering¬†what I had within the brush library to work with, I believe I’ve found a dragon design that fits within the game’s lore.