Robot Photo Collage

The assignment in Digital Imaging class was to create a seamless photo collage piece, in which each part of the composite image fit within the main image’s environment.

I selected robots, basically because I love robots. To meet the requirements of the assignment, I selected images of robots which matched the feel of the environment and existing robot within the image. Of course, I also worked to match the lighting, shadows, and reflections. I also composed an action scene to give each robot placed within the image some connection to each other, so none of them looked like they we just pasted in, but rather part of the scene.

Most of the work put into the project was in matching the lighting, shadows, and reflections. As a test, during critique in class, I revealed to the class that only one of the robots was in the original image, and to guess which one it was. Only a few got the answer correct, and I asked why they chose the one they did, and they said it was just a random guess.